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  TrancePlant History Project was produced by Andy Forbes with the support of Brisbane Powerhouse and the Brisbane city council.


  filmed edit by Guy Mansfield 2021 interviews Andy Forbes 

TrancePlant was produced and directed by Andy Forbes Richard Mansfield and James Dabrowski 1994  it  celebrated and captured in a monumental way a unique period in the resurgence of performance art, ephemeral art and multi-disciplinary arts practice in Brisbane and Australia.

TrancePlant reinforced or possibly created a sense of ownership of the Newfarm Powerhouse by the Brisbane arts community through this activation.

TrancePlant supported and created new work in a series of events over 10 performance nights which included over 80 individuals and groups collaborating and working in the fields of fine art, independent music, theatre, digital arts, photography, film, aerosol art, fashion, rave art, circus, dance and physical theatre. As a result the cross-pollination produced a diverse, hybrid and uniquely Brisbane experience.

TrancePlant is exceptional as it captured through film, performance, installation and cross platform work an arts practice that is virtually non-existent in Brisbane today. It is very rare for artists to be able to fully occupy a space, nurture and respond to the architecturally derelict space with types of work including large-scale fire sculptures inside the building and for audiences to experience the transient nature of the work through unique characteristics such as wearing hardhats as a requirement of entering the space.

The Tranceplant event is an iconic cultural event that is referenced, remembered and echoed throughout the arts community and  has now been formally recognized, recorded and archived. 

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