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Wacko and Blotto


Wacko and Blotto and Wackos twin sister the chicken have escaped the Big Top Circus. The absurd trio is ‘on the run’ in their tiny caravan, due to the Chicken’s supposed propensity for pyromania, which has resulted in a trail of blazing circus tents across the outback to the edge of Australia. Melodrama accompanies their madcap escapades, yet Wacko and Blotto remain oblivious. They feel encroached upon by society—which is confused and dysfunctional. Wacko and Blotto discover that ‘regular’ society is more of a circus than the world under the Big Top.

two Clowns and a Chicken

Wacko and Blotto—two runaways from a travelling circus, who continue to live in their oppressively small caravan, and adhere to their familiar, histrionic roles as clowns. Through living a contained existence in virtual isolation from society, paranoia and delusion have become recurrent and, tragically, self-perpetuating. Shutup examines notions of family, community, cultural heritage, addiction, and tragedy: Wacko and Blotto satirize the familiar plight of the common Australian.

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